Program Overview

Finish Line Universal Fleet Card is an authorized Channel Partner of Voyager Fleet Systems. This allows Finish Line to bring you the top rated Fleet Card with coast to coast acceptance but with local customer service.

As a Fleet Manager, you more than likely have more than one job in the company. Finish Line Universal Fleet Card gives you the tools you need to stay in control of your Fleet, while doing multiple tasks for your company.

Finish Line Universal Fleet Card provides comprehensive driver, vehicle and exception reports to help you track your fleet’s activity within broad parameters, all set by you. So go ahead and work….we’ll help manage your fleet!

Our Fleet Card program offers extensive fleet solutions for your fuel and maintenance needs. The network has nearly 200,000 fueling locations and 20,000 maintenance locations nationwide.

Finish Line Universal Fleet Card brings it all together for a complete and comprehensive fuel and maintenance fleet solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Wiith a single account, cards can be assigned to drivers and/or vehicles.
  • Purchases can be controlled through an assigned PIN number.
  • Limitations on types of purchases made with the card can be restricted at any level.
  • Purchases can be limited by product (fuel and or all products), number of transactions per day, and/or dollars per month.

| Exception Monitoring

  • Exceptions are identified on the Vehicle, Driver, and Exception Reports.
  • The Vehicle and Driver Reports allow the customer to track the mile per gallon variances, pattern discrepancies, product variances, excess fuel purchases and various transactions made to the account.
  • You have the ability to define your own exceptions.

| Flexible Reporting Options

  • Invoice Reports are supplied monthly. Other reports can be viewed through the website. Transaction info. can also be supplied or electronicly for downloads into Fleet Maint. programs.
  • Invoice Reports can be departmentalized at the customers request.
  • Vehicle numbers or vehicle descriptions or both can be used to setup vehicle card information.
  • Customers may select any or all of the available reporting options.

| Convenience

  • Drivers or vehicles need only one card.
  • Our card is accepted at major and regional brands in all 50 states.

| Online Customer Access

  • Customers can access online transaction data at anytime. Such as month to date or week to date transactions.
  • View customer created exception reports.