How The Program Works

“One Card” per vehicle

  • The “one card” system gives you the ability to track and report on a specific vehicle’s monthly fuel and maintenance expenses.
  • Your drivers no longer need to carry multiple cards and location books to manage their fueling needs.
  • Cards can be easily added and in most cases arrive within a few days.

Card Restrictions
You can restrict your cards to "fuel only"

  • Non-fuel purchases will not be allowed and declined if attempted.
  • We have unusual activity reports to monitor your account for specific fuel grades.

Driver IDs - introducing the "Universal ID"
FINISH LINE Univeral Fleet card Purchases are secure with Driver ID requirements. At the pump or inside electronic transactions will not authorize without a VALID Driver ID. Driver IDs can be easily added within hours and terminated immediately.

DRIVER ID (UNIVERSAL) Because you need to know who is fueling your vehicles, we have introduced the "Universal ID". Each driver for your company is assigned a unique ID for your security and reporting. (We recommend using the last four (4) digits of the driver's social security number for their Driver ID. This number should be easy for the employee to remember and deter them from giving their number to other drivers.)

Odometer Readings
Our fleet card system will prompt your drivers for the odometer reading of the vehicle each time they fuel. When the drivers input the correct odometer readings, the system will track that information and calculate the distance, miles per gallon and cpm.

FOR YOU ... You may chose to use the odometer prompt to track PO numbers, stock numbers or job site numbers, however, the system will require your drivers to input at least a one (1) digit number.