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  • A Reliable Fuel Source
  • Competitive Fuel Pricing
  • Professional Brand Image
  • Less Stringent Requirements than from the Major Oil Companies
  • Competitive credit card processing
  • Grocery buying program

Join the Finish Line Fuel Team!
Finish Line Fuel is an alternative fuel source with a lower-cost branding package.
An ideal option for small and medium sized marketers to remain competitive
with large operators and provide a quality-branding image and programs at a
minimal cost.

Now you can be a part of a growing coalition with a national brand look and appeal. Finish Line has a grassroots approach from the bottom up, rather than a corporate giant from the top down approach.

Become part of Team and Utilize our programs with or without fuel supply. For a nominal $500 per year fee, you are able to take advantage of lower cost fuel and competative CC processing rates.

What are you waiting for?

For more information, please contact Jeff Beach through the "Become a Marketer" tab above, or call 918-770-6911.

Wholesale News

Finish Line Celebrates 11th Anniversary!

October, 2016

Tulsa, OK- 11 years ago Finish Line branded their first Unit in Ectonville Mo! Since that time Finish Line has branded nearly 85 units in 5 states! The Finish Line brand has allowed many Marketer-Dealers to remain competative in their marketplace with extremely competitive fuel pricing, attractive credit card processing rates and affordable, yet professional brand imaging.

 We want to congratulate the Finish Line Marketers and Dealers for a successful 11 years!